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Today's busy executive needs to stay connected at all times. Opportunities come and go in an instant. Poor Wi-Fi coverage, dropped connections or bad video streams could mean the loss of valuable time, giving competitors an opportunity to take advantage. Verilan prides itself in keeping your busy customers connected. We work quietly in the background to assure sufficient bandwidth and quality of service. As much as you would like to believe, your customers do not turn off their smartphones and laptops during a presentation. Today's busy executive is a "tethered multi-tasker." Hotels and Convention Centers may offer Wi-Fi, but their infrastructure is not designed to handle hundreds of "power users" all trying to access the Internet at one time. Service gets spotty, emails are delayed and international VoIP calls are impossible. Today's busy executive can't afford to be disconnected. You might get them to come once to an event, but if you can't deliver quality services, they won't come again. They simply can't afford to.

Verilan is expert at designing and deploying enterprise quality services in any venue. We assure that your customers will stay connected at all times. Allowing them the luxury of being at multiple places at one time; home, the office and your event.

Why would you want our services? You want our services because you want things to be easy. You want our services because you want your Internet, communications and audio video services to be reliable and trouble free. You want our services so that you can focus on the value added services that you are trained to deliver. In today’s world, fast and reliable Internet services are an expectation, not a “nice to have.” Almost every coffee shop and restaurant now offers Wi-Fi service. In a sign of the times the Swedish government has now proclaimed the high speed broadband is a right, not a privileged.

In today's competitive world you get one chance to make a strong first impression. Don’t let poor Wi-Fi services ruin your chance for a repeat customer.

What are you waiting for? Time is money. Verilan’s services are designed to save you both. Our clients take advantage of our worry-fee services because it enables them to be more productive and more professional. We take the worry and “voodoo” out of Wi-Fi and other Internet based services.

We assure services that “just work.” We start early, coordinating services with your selected venue and local ISP providers. We evaluate your needs and design a plan that will ensure fast, reliable services for your customers. So don’t delay. Contact us today for a free evaluation. We will keep your customers connected to the global business world no matter where you meet.

To learn more about Verilan and our wonderful services, please contact our Customer Service Department. We look forward to making your life easy.